E.H. Public Library Comic Con Lip Synch Contest



East Hampton’s Public library held it’s first annual Comic con on September 13th which featured a lip sync contest between seniors and seniors. The contest ended in a free for all dance.


Gina Lombardo is currently studying Broadcast Cinema and Digital Media at Middlesex Community college. She holds a BA in Communications and a post bachelor’s teaching certificate in English (secondary ed) with a concentration in Creative Writing. In college, she was a contributing writer for The Informer, University of Hartford’s college newspaper, as well as their business and advertising manager. In her spare time, Gina enjoys dancing, singing, performing and photography, watching her son perform, and spending time with her wonderful little Maltese. She is an animal advocate who regularly signs petitions for Peta; she especially has a fondness for elephants and stands up for their rights as well as speaking up against circuses on social media sites. Gina believes in the Law of Attraction and the ability to manifest your desires. Her favorite speakers/ authors include Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jack Canfield and Leo Buscaglia. In addition to listening and practicing the tenants of the law of attraction, she listens to comics every day because laughter truly is the best medicine. Ms. Lombardo currently resides by the beach which inspires her every day to be creative, kind, loving, imaginative and in harmony with nature.