I-Park’s Fifth Annual Art Biennale


On Sunday, September 20th, The Fifth Annual Art Biennale (a large-scale international contemporary art exhibition) was held at I-Park in East Haddam. The biennale featured 12 artists from six different countries with varied approaches to environmental art.

Stuart Ian Frost’s piece which was made from a large piece of a dead tree was born from the idea of breathing new life into dead treIMG_1260es. “What I often do is try and put new life back into something that is dead and often with trees, dead trees… I’ve seen a lot of tall trees, big stature trees and I thought if I could get ahold of something like that it would be a challenge, but something worth doing,” said Frost.” Frost’s idea was that wasps and other creatures would build their habitats in the holes and eventually the tree would decay and give back to the earth thus completing the circle of life.

French-born Canadian resident Michel Bachelet used grass and earth as his art medium. “It’s a play with grass, making movement on it. The inspiration is about tectonic plates and movement,” stated Bachelet. With three distinct mounds of grass and earth, he creatively mimicked the shifting of tectonic plates. From the first mound of earth with small cracks to the third,IMG_1268_1 one could postulate the formation of a mountain.IMG_1283_1

Hester Pilz brought to life the story of Ulysses and Penelope in her sculpture. Penelope was to marry another once she finished weaving a shroud but in an effort to continue to wait for Ulysses she would undo some of her weaving every night. “You can see a lot of connections with the weaving and the sea,” remarked Pilz.

I-Park with its beautifully, tranquil trails and equally beautiful environmental art attracIMG_1263ts people from many walks of life. “…the fact that the art is set into the woods that’s the important part, it’s not obtrusive,” added Carol from Providence, Rhode Island.





Photo Credit  Gina Lombardo

Gina Lombardo is currently studying Broadcast Cinema and Digital Media at Middlesex Community college. She holds a BA in Communications and a post bachelor’s teaching certificate in English (secondary ed) with a concentration in Creative Writing. In college, she was a contributing writer for The Informer, University of Hartford’s college newspaper, as well as their business and advertising manager. In her spare time, Gina enjoys dancing, singing, performing and photography, watching her son perform, and spending time with her wonderful little Maltese. She is an animal advocate who regularly signs petitions for Peta; she especially has a fondness for elephants and stands up for their rights as well as speaking up against circuses on social media sites. Gina believes in the Law of Attraction and the ability to manifest your desires. Her favorite speakers/ authors include Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jack Canfield and Leo Buscaglia. In addition to listening and practicing the tenants of the law of attraction, she listens to comics every day because laughter truly is the best medicine. Ms. Lombardo currently resides by the beach which inspires her every day to be creative, kind, loving, imaginative and in harmony with nature.